10 Tips for success when choosing your new CAFM provider.

Choosing a new CAFM provider to partner with isn’t as scary as it may seem. Investing in the right software for you is a big decision and following a few simple guidelines will help you succeed.

Having worked closely with estates professionals for over 25 years to help solve problems associated with large and small estates alike, 3i Studio are well placed to share their expertise.

1. Can you build up in bite-sized chunks?

To achieve the maximum benefit from your new CAFM solution, use a staged approach to purchase and adopt your new software. Bite-sized chunks removes the frustration of trying to take on too much in one go.

For example, buying a module that manages your Reactive Helpdesk is a great starting point; populate the buildings before getting it up and running along
with your PPM. Then look at expanding the modules such as adding Condition
Survey Information, followed by Compliance Information, building up one module
at a time.

2. Will they set you up a demo CAFM?

Having access to a demo system prior to deciding if a CAFM solution can do what you need it to do is vital, otherwise, you simply have the word of a salesperson. You need your new provider to be transparent and prepared to make this investment to give you confidence not only in their solution but that they will also provide the ongoing support you need.

3. Do they continually develop their solutions?

Estates and facilities requirements are continually
evolving, so you need a solution that moves forwards to meet your future needs
as well.

4. Can you use your CAFM remotely?

Ensure you can access your solution remotely using your existing laptops and smartphones and the internet. Gone are the days that you should need to buy new hardware to work out and about in the field, or to enable your team to work from home.

5. Can they guarantee your start date?

Establish the set-up time; three to six weeks from sign-off is typical and should enable your provider time to not just set up
your CAFM and train your team, but for you to also test your solution before it goes live.

6. Do they meet Government security requirements

A secure system that enables you to control who has access
to what information is paramount. Check that your CAFM solution meets Government security requirements, such as Cyber Essentials, and that your data will be securely hosted for you in the UK.

7. Will they help you get up and running?

Moving your data in from your old property management solution, or from spreadsheets and even hard copy, can take time and skill, so ensure that your CAFM provider will help you with this and swiftly get you and your team up and running with access to both your current and historic data.

8. Who should be part of the decision?

Involving the people who will be using your CAFM solution in the specification and selection will ensure they get the functionality they genuinely need, as well as giving them a solution that they can work with and enjoy using. This will help ensure that your investment is used to its full potential.

9. Are upgrades free?

Your upgrade should be included in your support fees, and not require you to pay for new licences to benefit from upgrades and

10. What is their pedigree?

You need to be confident that your new CAFM provider is experienced within your sector and is stable enough to continue supporting you in the future too.

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