CAPITAL Projects

Project and Tender Management

Manage projects of any size, integrating your existing data from other modules.

In every Estate Department there is always an ongoing project and CAPITAL Project is designed to help you successfully manage all your projects. CAPITAL Project stores all the information needed to enable you to keep track of the current status of your projects, schemes and contractors.

CAPITAL Project handles projects of all sizes, including multiple site projects. If you are running a multiple site project, you can group the sites into a single scheme as each scheme can be broken into tenders, which can be managed individually with associated costs and labour.

The key tasks marking your projects progression can be defined before or during a project. The module uses these tasks for key date milestone reminders which are colour coded for ease of use. The system will differentiate between tasks that you need to complete today, those that are overdue and those which need actioning soon.

You can use CAPITAL Projects as a stand-alone package or integrate it within the other ESTATE Suite modules.

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Features and Benefits

  • Track Important Dates – all the projects key dates are viewed in one location and are colour coded allowing you to track progress at a single glance.
  • Monitor Project Costs and Threshold Tracking – view and report on current expenditure of your projects and compare against set budgets for each stage.
  • Determine Labour Costs – analyse labour costs as a percentage of your total project costs.
  • Control – at every stage you can monitor multiple tenders for each scheme, multiple buildings in a scheme and multiple schemes in your project.
  • Directory of Contacts – with one place to store all contractor information every phone number and email address is close at hand.
  • Certificate Register – you can store certification, insurance and bank details with notes of all the necessary expiration dates so you are aware of the renewal dates for contracts etc.