FM Portal

Integrated Content Management & Publishing

Use with our Estate Suite modules to quickly create a departmental intranet with live links to module data.

For many Estates Departments one dilemma is how to share information with key managers, stakeholders, engineers and contractors. FM Portal is the solution to these issues. It operates as an intranet with live datalinks allowing you to share information and data without having to secure costly workstation licences.

Using content management technology and data connectivity FM Portal allows web pages to be set up with ease, even if you are not an IT Specialist, after minimal training. Using this module allows you to share all estates data, including CAD drawings with whoever needs access to them.

Stakeholders can access a wide range of information such as benchmarking, estates strategies, occupancy, maintenance manuals and help-desk contact details. The latest information is always available through FM Portal as any update on your dataset, which is automatically picked up by the intranet.

You can customise the templates to your own in-house style and integrate them into larger web-based systems. For example, a leading national housing association used it to publish asbestos data and incorporate it into their own site.

FM Portal comes with ready-to-use templates connected directly with all ESTATE Suite modules.

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Features and Benefits

  • Share Live Data – share up-to-date information and reports, with live updating.
  • Easy to use – FM Portal is a straightforward, easy to use system requiring minimal training.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – FM Portal requires no web programming or support from your IT department to operate.
  • Multi-layered Security – individual users or groups can access specific pages or the whole site.
  • Direct File Uploads – easily create customised pages for the upload of the latest photographs and CAD drawings.
  • Integrated Mapping – view key data in map view (underlays include Google, Bing and Ordnance Survey Maps).