GIS Manager

Geographical Information System (GIS) Manager

This powerful GIS Manger will provide you with a highly visual ‘on map’ reference to all your key building information, along with amazing analysis and reporting capabilities

GIS Manager, a geographic information system (GIS), has very powerful capabilities for its’ size. Location and polygon references can be mapped to a variety of base mapping sets – Google Maps, Open Streetmap and OS Digital.

Using the built-in toolkit to geo-locate sites and buildings produces a highly visual ‘on map’ reference to key building information, as well as enabling you to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present your spatial or geographic data, in real time. You can also create your own maps, complete with all the information you need to see on Google, Ordinance Survey or Open Street Map.

Furthermore, as a building specialist you understand building drawings, layouts and specifications, but it may not be so simple for non-specialists. You can make your information readily available to other parties by simply overlaying a map with the details you choose them to see. With direct connection to the FM Portal, you can also share this information easily and securely with other people via your intranet or the web. You simply determine who has access to what information.

GIS Manager will not only save your time creating your maps, but it also increase your analysis and reporting capabilities with a few simply clicks. Its’ toolkit has options to highlight queried data for such things as building condition, tenure and future plan analysis. As it integrates with ESTATE Suite, a simple click through from a mapped ‘pin’ or building polygon provides access to the full property dataset.

Additionally, GIS Manager will allow you to create interactive queries, analyse spatial information, edit data in maps, and present the results of all these operations through its tailored estates tools.

You will also be able to take advantage of a wider range of mapping. Using the integrated overlaying tools, you can instantly see your data on Google Maps1; including their Satellite and Streetview options. Other supported mapping types include Ordnance Survey2 and Open Streetmap.

And with instant access to photographs, plans or documents within the ESTATE Suite graphics sub-module, you have the ability to access any stored documents. This could even allow you to add finishing touches to your reports by enabling you to easily include relevant building photographs and maps.

1Quota fees may apply for heavy use. 2OS Digital Mapping Licence Required

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Features and Benefits

GIS Manager is full of features and benefits to help you capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present your spatial or geographic data. These include:

  • Instant access to maps – whether it’s for your own use, internal or external contactors, you can have accurate maps, complete with the data you need to see, instantly at your fingertips
  • Overlays Google Maps – whichever Google Layer you wish to view, GIS Manager overlays your data to a variety of base mapping sets, enabling you to view it as Open Streetmap, OS Digital, Google Physical, Google Streetmap, Google Highbrid, Google Satellite or Google Streetview
  • Overlay multiple data on the same map – you choose exactly what is shown on your map; from colour coding buildings by PPM or risk, to outstanding faults, or lease end dates, make the map work for you
  • Accurate co-ordinates – enabling you to have maps with accurate coordinates of all your buildings, trees or utilities, rather than at a site level
  • Editable maps – edit your own maps in real time, without specialist training or knowledge
  • Incorporates into the ESTATE Suite – add GIS Manager into your existing ESTATE Suite packages to enhance your searches, analysis, viewing and reporting
  • Drill down – quickly drill down from site level to individual block details, giving you instant access to what you need to know