Fault Reporting, Works Request & Planned Maintenance

Now fully integrated with Helpdesk and MAINTENANCE Mobile

For estate professionals managing fault reporting, work requirements and planned maintenance can be among the most complex of tasks. Unlike other software packages on the market MAINTENANCE Manager is easy to set up and to run.

The MAINTENANCE Manager module is very easy to set up as it doesn’t rely on a comprehensive asset register. When you are setting items for planned maintenance you can choose them from the asset register or add them individually for each piece of plant or equipment.

You will find all the main operation features on the highly-visual helpdesk screen. This helps you work with optimum efficiency, especially as the helpdesk requests can be placed and monitored remotely using pre-defined web templates.

Like the rest of the 3i Studio software, MAINTENANCE Manager does not require a lot of IT support as it is easy to install and to run. The flexible reporting tools integrate with our other estate management modules. MAINTENANCE Manager is designed to work specifically with MAINTENANCE Mobile software so you can send information and work requests directly to your engineers.

For ease of compatibility the MAINTENANCE Manager is based around SQL Server.

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Features and Benefits

  • Allows fault reporting and tracking from any location – web or intranet based forms mean anyone, tenant or estate team, can report and track the status of faults without needing full access to the systems. It will reduce the time spent communicating updates to those that reported the issue – they can simply go online and check it themselves.
  • Generate and track purchase orders – the integrated purchase order tools will link to various finance systems so you can keep track of your maintenance costs in one place. This can also help you when it comes to budgeting both planned maintenance and suspected further maintenance each year.
  • Monitor efficiency – with MAINTENANCE Manager you can monitor tasks to check they have been completed within the required time-scales. By showing you data for both internal staff and contractors it allows you to make better decisions when assigning tasks.
  • Avoid costly breakdowns by scheduling regular tasks – whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly you can schedule your maintenance tasks within the module for the required frequency. By developing a comprehensive maintenance schedule you can keep on top of all maintenance tasks and avoid breakdowns and costly urgent repairs.
  • List and monitor standard plant and equipment – it is easy to set up items in the system so you can begin scheduling PPM and create assets, allowing you to quickly and easily set up future time and cost saving features.
  • Audit & Accountability – Using MAINTENANCE Manager means that all the information required to satisfy audit requirements is available for reporting.  Reports and dashboard charts for audit and performance monitoring come as standard and custom reports can be easily produced.
  • ENGINEER Portal – A web-based ENGINEER Portal is available to augment the software. This is specially designed to work with portable devices and work requests can be assigned to an engineer remotely, he can add all relevant details regarding the request including timesheet information – he can even request the task is reassigned.
  • CONTRACTOR Portal – A new web-based feature is a specially designed and configurable web page which allows contractors to enter ‘sign-off’ details regarding work requests.  This is an optional but invaluable feature; where implemented, considerable cost savings have been realised due to the reduction in’re-keying’
  • Configuration Options – MAINTENANCE Manager comes with a multitude of both initial and user available options.  During configuration, the system can be highly customised to your organisations work-flow processes.  Stationary can be setup to match in with your organisations house-style, screen colour codings can be adapted, report menu visibility defined, analysis coding easily arranged to suit your specific requirement plus many others.