RISK Manager

Health and Safety, Fire and Risk Management

Manage large volumes of data to keep abreast of current legislation.

An essential for any Health and Safety professional charged with Fire and Risk Management, RISK Manager is designed to help estate managers with all aspects of risk and Health and Safety.

RISK Manager is pre-loaded with sample risk assessment templates which can be modified to suit your requirements or you can have new ones developed especially for you. All aspects can be adjusted to work with your risk matrices – you can even define the types of answers to questions. You can design your own forms, add your scoring method, record fire and risk training and share all the information via an intranet for users to complete.

The module covers all aspects of risk management:

  • Fire
  • Cleanliness assessments
  • Clinical
  • Hygiene
  • Catering cleanliness
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Disability discrimination.

All information is presented in a clear format for you and your team to use, whether they are in technical or non-technical teams. A synchronisable version is available so you can carry out surveys on a tablet removing the need for printouts and manual updates.

RISK Manager is available as a stand-alone package or integrated within the other ESTATE Suite modules. This particular module is currently used within the estates department of NHS Scotland as required by Scottish Law.

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Features and Benefits

  • Definable Assessment Forms – choose from stand templates or design your own; either way you can be sure that you are prompted with everything you need to make the assessment.
  • Accurate Training Records – store a full history of all training and staff that have been trained.
  • Create and Schedule Tasks – whether something is spotted during a risk assessment or during a survey, you can create tasks for remedial action.
  • Key dates reminders – view all scheduled tasks in a single concise view so you can see where you are up to in a single glance.
  • Register of fire drawings – easy access to stored links to all fire and equipment drawings.
  • Fire equipment register – build and store a comprehensive register of all your fire equipment.