Strategic Estates Planning

Maximise your stored information in your planning processes.

A crucial part of facilities management is not just about holding data in a purpose built system but utilising and analysing that data. STEFi is designed to help estates professionals think strategically, and bring together data that is key for the necessary decision making required for planning improvements to your estate.

Whether you manage a property for the police, fire brigade, local authority or NHS, you will spend a tremendous amount of time, effort and resource collating data for national statistical reporting and benchmarking. STEFi will reduce the time spent on those activities enabling you to spend more time on a cohesive strategy for making the necessary improvements to your estate.

STEFi was initially designed to complement ERIC, the NHS national statistical database and has now developed into a module that is equally at home with data returns pertinent to your organisation.

You can purchase STEFi as a stand-alone package or as an integration within the other ESTATE Suite modules.

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Features and Benefits

  • Plan Backlog Expenditure – deciding when and where to spend your budget to improve the status of backlog issues.
  • Multiple Policy Criteria – assign criteria to backlog expenditure items to prioritise completion.
  • Quickly Improve Building Performance – see if any buildings are performing poorly and need attention and assess improvement options.
  • Establish Disposal Options – combine all required data to assess cost of refurbishment, demolition and re-build and sale or rental.
  • Benchmark Data – store everything you need to assess running and maintenance costs across your entire estate and compare buildings.
  • Strategic Clarity – with enhanced strategic planning and benchmarking you can develop a single structure estate strategy, ensuring greater clarity.