TREE Manager

Electronic Tree Register

Manage all your tree related risks and data simply.

When you have trees on your estate, the duty of care to ensure they’re monitored and are safe falls on the Estates Department. TREE Manager provides an easy-to-use set of data management tools enabling you to store and analyse tree information and produce obligatory reports.

To make TREE Manager work for you it is available in single user, networked or intranet options. When working with trees you have to factor in growth, age and weather damage, and sometimes spreadsheets are not flexible enough. Supporting services include the provision of locational tree surveys and CAD drawing production.

TREE Manager is a great integration into the ESTATE Suite modules but can also work as a stand-alone package.

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Features and Benefits

  • Full Tree Register – plot all your trees, large or small, in this easy-to-access system.
  • Prioritise Risks – detail the risk and remedial actions associated with each of your trees.
  • Cost Remedial Works – apply costs to work that needs to be carried out and view reports on the costs involved with maintaining your trees.
  • Hazard Assessments – record, manage and update risk assessments relating to each tree.
  • Full Reporting – multiple report options from single trees to your entire estate.
  • Connection to other ESTATE modules – use your existing sites and building information for quick set-up and centralised management.