Engineers Hand Held Works Assignments

Send and receive data to and from an engineer’s mobile device quickly and easily.

Working hand in hand with MAINTENANCE Manager, the MAINTENANCE Mobile module enables you to manage your maintenance projects effectively. A natural extension to our CAFM software, it allows you to send assignments directly to an engineer’s mobile device. You can update the current assignment status, send faults as they are reported, receive update notifications and even timesheets from the Engineer.

The self-contained software can be used even when you are out of range of mobile signals – perfect for large estates and buildings where the signal doesn’t reach your basement or the far corners of your site! As soon as the device comes back into range of a signal it will automatically sync to the MAINTENANCE Manager database. It reports back on completed jobs and downloads the next work request each time you are back in range.

This truly mobile system means that your engineers are no longer required to report back in by phone or make a trip into the office in order to get the next job ticket or confirm the completion of the task.  It will make your department more efficient due to the time saving and give you real-time access to job status so your clients can be kept informed on the works in progress along with details of the time-based costs involved.

MAINTENANCE Mobile fully integrates with MAINTENANCE MANAGER improving the maintenance reporting and the estates department efficiency overall.

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Features and Benefits

  • Time Saving – by sending the work assignments directly to your engineers they no longer need to return to the office to collect works instructions.
  • Real Time Status Updates – configurable times updates from the mobile device to your database enables you to view the current status of projects as they’re updated on-site.
  • Improved Relationships with Clients and Management – knowing the real time status of a job enables you to give instant and accurate responses to enquiries about projects rather than appearing vague or asking them to wait until tomorrow for an answer.
  • Accurate Budget Management – the live updates at regular intervals shows you when jobs are being completed and allows you to view time sheets for ongoing assignments, making it much easier to spot a project that may go over budget.
  • Keep Work Progressing – engineers can request more manpower or resources through the system reducing the need for telephone calls and allowing the estate department to view all engineers’ workload and send the necessary work requests through immediately without waiting for someone to call into the office.

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