Standing Out from the Crowd

3i Studio provide a suite of intuitive estates management software modules that are not only the best value alternative, but will deliver you measurable improvements in your property management. We stand out from other CAFM solution providers, so much so that we are in our third term as sole provider for NHS Scotland.

Our solutions deliver, genuine, measurable ROI

Our cost-effective solutions allow you to streamline your processes, increase your efficiency, save you time and reduce your costs to deliver a quantifiable ROI on the investment in the software.

Our people are specialists in property management

We are proud of the technical ability of our staff. All the members of the team have an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the processes involved in the collection, management and analysis of estates data. The project management team all have practical surveying experience as well as proven software project management skills. The in-depth knowledge of our projects team together with a totally in-house development team has given even our largest enterprise clients confidence that we can meet all their system requirements. So much so, in fact, that two of our national NHS enterprise clients have renewed their contracts for a third time.

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