A comprehensive suite of Property Management & Facilities software

Tailored by our build team to meet your requirements

Modules for a huge range of applications

You can choose software modules to meet any or all of your Estates  & Facilities Management  requirements including: Pre-planned and  Preventative Maintenance; Risk Management; Asset Management;  Lease and Legal Management; Survey  and Data Collection Services; Capital Projects;  Helpdesk and Asbestos Management

Tailored solutions for maximum efficiency

Rather than opt for a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we offer varying modules; enabling us to tailor the software to perfectly meet your specific needs

Our software is intuitive and simple to operate

3i Studio software is designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible; allowing you and your team to be trained quickly and easily; to maximise its potential and streamline your operations

A powerful combination of people & technology

3i Studio have an incredibly powerful combination of people and technology, providing the best value estates management software around. Through our outstanding property software we create tailored CAFM solutions that estates and facilities management departments use to achieve exceptional operational and financial benefits.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable people are different; our aim is not to build sales, but to cultivate a partnership with you through delivering the perfect solution for your business.

Whether you are a single user, or require a national enterprise solution to support multiple organisations, we can help you streamline your business processes, increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs.

Some key figures


Hosted Server Uptime

Over 1,700 Users

National Systems for Health in 3 Countries

Over 15,000 buildings managed by our largest Enterprise Client