RISK Manager

Risk Assessments and Audits

Easily record and manage all your risks assessments and audits in a single easy to use package with clear overview information and an easy-to-use format.

Complete with remedial action tracking and management, now you can see the status of all your outstanding risk management actions in a single place, and with built in template management you are in control of the data you see.

A powerful system designed to put you in control of you Risk Assessments, Audits, Questionnaires and more to enable detailed recording of risk related information.


RISK Manager - Overview

A feature rich, template driven, and fully configurable risk assessment package with fire incident reporting.

Link with ESTATE Manager Appraisals & MAINTENANCE Manager Helpdesk or use the in-built remedial action management system to issue and keep track of any required actions.

Further links with our FM Portal Surveyor package enable risk assessments to be carried out quickly and easily on tablet or mobile device directly on site, removing the need for office based write-ups.

Definable Assessment Forms

Choose from standard templates or design your own; either way you can be sure that you are prompted with everything you need to make the assessment.

Create and Schedule Tasks

Whether something is spotted during a risk assessment or a survey, you can easily create, schedule and monitor tasks for remedial action.

Fully configurable to work for you

RISK Manager uses custom templates along with configurable question and answer types, and configurable risk matrices enabling the system to work for you.

Estates Website

With the optional FM Portal package you can quickly and easily set up your own secure estates' website, where you determine who has access to what information.

Scheduled Testing

Question based scheduled tests enable assets to be tested to ensure they continue to meet required criteria, with customisable templates you can test just about anything with this system, and track regular test requirements.

Inter-linked Functionality

Our RISK Manager package comes with direct links to other packages within the suite. Assessment answers can be directly linked to ESTATE Manager Appraisal for completion as capital works, or transferred to MAINTENANCE Manager Helpdesk for completion as reactive helpdesk works.

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